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Ramtech’s New Four-Classroom Modular Building Now On Display

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To provide our customers with an up close and personal look at the features and benefits built into every Ramtech multiple classroom building, we recently installed a new four classroom facility adjacent to our corporate headquarters and manufacturing plant located in Mansfield, Texas.  The modular school building contains finished and unfinished rooms to provide a complete view into how Ramtech designs, manufactures, and installs each of our facilities.  Ranging in size from 4 to 16 classrooms, schools have a choice in how they can meet their facility requirements by using one of our standard floor plan designs or a customized version.  As a full-service design-build construction company, this model building will help provide potential clients with a first-hand look at what can be done when using our approach to relocatable buildings and permanent modular construction.


Texas Department of Insurance Decision to Affect the Use of Portable Classrooms

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 There has been a decision by the Texas Department of Insurance that directly impacts the use of portable classrooms by school districts in the fourteen counties that make up the coastal bend in south Texas.  This decision removes one of the most important aspects for using a portable classroom building, namely its ability to be portable and relocated economically. This decision is based on the strictest interpretation of the International Building Code by the Department of Insurance.  At the center of the issue is the lack of definition and thus acceptance of a building that uses a temporary foundation that does not conform to the established foundation requirements in the building code.  The code assumes that all buildings are permanent unless they are classified as temporary, which the code then specifies a limit of use to 180 days. (more…)

Ramtech to Provide Modular Buildings for West (TX) ISD School Rebuilding Effort

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Ramtech announced this week that we have secured a contract for the design, manufacture, and installation of 17 modular buildings totaling 69,776 square feet for the West Independent School District in West, TX.  Ramtech will provide three 10-classroom buildings, four computer and science labs, two locker room buildings, an administrative office, cafeteria, library, and a life schools building that will be used by all grade levels as a replacement for the facilities damaged and destroyed by the massive fertilizer plant explosion that was located near the District’s schools on April 17, 2013.  All of the modular school buildings for the $2.5 million project will be leased through the Texas BuyBoard cooperative purchasing network.  West ISD plans to use the replacement buildings for up to two years or until new permanent facilities can be built.  (more…)

Ramtech Completes Modular Building Project for Aldine ISD

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Ramtech has now completed the four new modular cafeteria buildings originally ordered in February of this year for the Houston-area Aldine Independent School District.  Together totaling 41,216 square feet, two modular buildings were installed at the District’s Nimitz and MacArthur High Schools for use as interim facilities while the renovation of each school’s existing cafeterias are taking place.  Ramtech began the manufacturing phase of the $1.9 million modular construction project prior to the end of February and started the site activities during the first part of March.  Since the buildings were completed, Aldine ISD began providing food service to their students prior to the end of the school year and will continue to do so through-out their summer program. (more…)

Modular Construction Steps up to Provide Immediate Aid in Disaster Relief Efforts

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A massive fertilizer plant explosion and a succession of devastating tornadoes have recently damaged numerous residential, commercial, and public facilities in the Texas communities of West, Granbury, and Cleburne as well as the city of Moore, Oklahoma.  Entire neighborhoods including the local public schools have been severely affected, and in many cases totally destroyed. In every area, the issues associated with the rebuilding efforts will present many long term challenges.  Demolishing and clearing out the debris, determining where the reconstruction funds will come from, providing new design documents, permitting each new structure, and then completing the construction of new facilities will probably take from 3 to 5 years.  A major question then becomes, what do these cities and schools do in the interim?  (more…)

Ramtech Expands Modular Building Lease Fleet

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Ramtech publicly announced this week that we will be expanding our lease fleet inventory of portable classrooms, and will develop other modular building products for sale and lease, in order to meet the projected demand for school and government facilities in the fast-growing cities and counties located within the Eagle Ford Shale Play and Permian Basin areas. This will enable us to provide a wide range of modular building options including our industry-standard portable double classrooms and a complete line of multiple modular classroom and classroom wings that are available to meet both temporary or long-term use requirements. Ranging in size from 4 to 16 classrooms, these  standard floor plan designs start at under $40 per square foot and can also be customized to meet a number of specific applications. In addition to our expansive product offerings, we can also provide the client with no cost project planning and budgeting, fast building installations, and procurement availability through co-ops including the Texas BuyBoard, TIPS/TAPS, and HGACBuy. The 20-county Eagle Ford Shale area now accounts for over $61 billion in economic activity and is estimated to support more than 116,000 full-time jobs. In addition, more than $1.01 billion has been provided to local governments for schools, hospitals, emergency services, and other government agencies. We expect to have the additional product inventory of portable classrooms off-line and available for delivery throughout the summer.

Life School of Dallas Modular Building Campus in the Spotlight

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Organized as a charter school, Life School serves over 4,000 students at five locations around the Dallas, Texas area. When the school de­cided to expand their Oak Cliff area secondary school, they chose three 7,424 square foot eight-classroom modular buildings complete with connecting deck and ramp assem­blies. Purchased through the Texas Buyboard and built using traditional modular contruction, each facility includes a private office, restrooms, storage area, and individual class­rooms with a computer lab in the high school building. The buildings utilize nine wall-mounted HVAC units zoned for energy efficient heating and cooling, and include factory in­stalled 26-gauge R-panel metal sid­ing on the exterior, vinyl composition gypsum wall coverings, and durable high traffic carpet flooring. We went back out to visit the Oak Cliff campus and caught up with Shawn Thomas, Director of Operations for the Life School. Here’s what he had to say:


Gary White is Vice President of Sales & Estimating at Ramtech Building Systems, Inc.  He has been in the commercial modular industry for 33 years and is responsible for the management of all sales and estimating efforts across each of Ramtech’s key market segments: Education, Government, Medical, and Commercial.

Aldine ISD Chooses Ramtech’s Modular Buildings During Cafeteria Renovations

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Ramtech has continued to build on its success in the public school sector by securing a new $1.9 million contract to provide four new modular cafeteria buildings to the Aldine Independent School District in Houston, Texas.  Totaling 41,216 square feet, two modular buildings will be installed at both Nimitz and MacArthur High Schools for use as interim facilities while the renovation of the existing cafeterias takes place.  Ramtech will begin the manufacturing phase of the modular construction project prior to the end of February, and will commence the site activities at the beginning of March. We expect to complete the project by April 12th, which will give Aldine ISD ample time to prepare the facilities to begin food service to their students by May 1st. (more…)

Modular Schools for Growing School Districts

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For over 30 years Ramtech has provided schools throughout the southwest with portable classroom buildings. Typically Ramtech keeps over 50 two-classroom buildings (often referred to as double classrooms or portables) both with and without restrooms in inventory for immediate delivery to public, private, and charter schools.  As the largest supplier of portable classrooms in the Southwest, what many schools don’t realize is that Ramtech is also a major supplier of both standard and custom multiple classroom buildings, facilities that include up to 4 to 16 classrooms per building. (more…)

Grants for the School-Based Health Center Capital (SBHCC) Program

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The June 26, 2012 application deadline for one of the 150 grants available under the Affordable Care Act’s School-Based Health Center Capital (SBHCC) Program is rapidly approaching.  If your school district is considering the construction of a new standalone structure based on the program guidelines for permanently affixed prefabricated or modular building, Ramtech Building Systems would like to help. Ramtech can provide you at no cost:

  • Design Assistance – choose from one of our existing plans or provide a summary of space requirements using Ramtech’s Space Planning Worksheet
  • Plans & Specifications – once we have your information we will provide floor plans and specifications based on your specific requirements and location
  • Cost Estimates – we will provide you with a comprehensive proposal for the cost to design, construct, deliver and install your completed new clinic
  • Rapid Response – Ramtech can provide complete proposals within days of receiving your information

As the leader in the construction of modular healthcare buildings for school-based clinics,  Ramtech has developed and installed facilities for small and large school districts throughout Texas. Our experience includes single and multiple practitioner clinics in standard and custom floor plan designs which can provide you with significant time and cost advantages while developing your application.

With prices starting at $65 per square foot, our school based clinics are recognized as one of the most cost-effective solutions available, with features that allow you to meet the government’s requirement for showing how your SBHC can provide for more effective, efficient, and quality healthcare.

Bill Barron works in Business Development for Ramtech Building Systems, Inc.  He has worked at Ramtech for over 20 years serving primarily the Medical and Regional Municipality Markets