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Built to Last – NOAA Ft. Worth Weather Forecast Office Renews Lease on Ramtech Permanent Modular Building

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NOAARamtech announced this week that we reached an agreement with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) on a new 15 year lease (with ten years guaranteed) for the agency’s National Weather Service Weather Forecast Office that we built for them in Fort Worth back in 1993.  Originally leased by NOAA for ten years with a ten-year option, the new gross lease includes janitorial, maintenance, and landscaping services along with covering emergency 24/7 response, casualty insurance, and taxes.  Ramtech acted as the owner-developer on the project, while also designing and manufacturing the 10,500 square foot modular office building that sits on a fully fenced 4.55 acre site with 24-hour security. One of our most featured permanent modular construction projects over the years, the renewal of the building lease after 20 years of use is ample evidence that permanent modular buildings are just as durable and can achieve the same life spans as conventional site-built structures. (more…)

Innovation Academy and UT Tyler Celebrate New Modular Building

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Ramtech was honored to attend an appreciation luncheon recently held at the new 17,280 square foot modular building we provided to Innovation Academy on the Longview campus of UT Tyler in Longview, TX.  Jesse Acosta, Vice President for Administration & Chief Business Officer for UT Tyler recognized the hard work and effort on behalf of Ramtech, designer Adams Engineering-Design Consultants, general contractor Nouveau Construction, and all of the UT Tyler and Innovation Academy personnel that were involved in the permanent modular construction project. Working with a very aggressive construction schedule, Ramtech was responsible for the design, manufacture, and installation of the buildings. We began setting the module sections on July 17 and were able to finish the building and turn it over to the University on August 18. (more…)

Ramtech Awarded Contract from the City of Austin (TX) Watershed Protection Department for Sustainable Modular Office Building

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Ramtech has received a contract award from the City of Austin to provide an 8,064 square foot modular office building that will be located at the City’s Watershed Protection Department. The new facility will provide space for 14 private offices, a conference room, a large training classroom, and restrooms with showers and adjacent locker areas. The project will also incorporate a number of sustainable features into the building’s design and construction, beginning with the use of Ramtech’s traditional permanent modular construction approach. (more…)

Ramtech Receives Notice of Award from Brackett ISD

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Brackett Final RenderingRamtech has announced that Brackett ISD has given us a notice of award for a design-build proposal that will provide for the modular construction of an 11,616 square foot freestanding classroom wing for the District’s high school campus.  Ramtech plans to employ the use of our traditional wood-framed permanent modular construction approach for a parapet wall designed facility that will incorporate a HardiePanel exterior with site applied Ultra-Crete finish. The heating and cooling will be accommodated with rooftop HVAC units mounted on a TPO covered roof. The interior floor plan will accommodate seven classrooms, two computer labs, two offices, content mastery room, an IT room, and student staff restrooms. Ramtech expects to have the project completed during March of 2015. (more…)

Ramtech Moves to Start Production of Avalon ISD Permanent Modular Building

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Ramtech has received the notice of acceptance from Avalon (TX) ISD for the lump sum proposal part of the design-build contact for the permanent modular construction of a 4,480 square foot classroom wing addition for the North-central Texas school district’s high school campus.  The $912,000 four classroom modular school building will be installed at grade level on a concrete stem wall foundation adjacent to the school’s existing structure and connected via a walkway with covered canopy. The facility will utilize a parapet type exterior wall which will incorporate a brick exterior finish designed to integrate with the look of the existing building. Ramtech has been contracted to provide all of the civil design services, as well as integrating the existing fire alarm system with the new modular building. We will also be responsible for redesigning and constructing a new bus lane for the school to accommodate the increased traffic. The manufacturing of the building modules is scheduled to begin during the second week of July, then the five floor sections will be crane-set and installed by August 15th. Ramtech expects to have the entire project completed prior to the end of September.

Changes to Time Warrant Financing Provide New Construction Possibilities for Texas Public Schools

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Financial instruments known as Time Warrants have been available to Texas public schools since 1995, however their flexibility for use in construction projects was limited due to their $500,000 maximum loan amounts and terms that were restricted to no more than five years. Now that’s all changed, thanks to the efforts of Southlake, Texas-based Government Capital Corporation and the Texas Rural Education Association.  Effective September 1, 2013 the legislature passed House Bill 2610 which dramatically improved the efficiencies of using Time Warrant financing by expanding the terms up to 15 years and increasing the maximum loan amounts to $1 million. This means that school districts that have a need for capital improvement projects can supplement their available cash balances with Time Warrant financing, eliminating the need to obtain additional voter approved bonds. (more…)

The Green Benefits When Using Permanent Modular Construction

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As Ramtech begins to see more and more projects that are requiring LEED certification and sophisticated sustainability requirements, we have begun the process of developing   an informational guide around sustainable construction alternatives that can aid public school districts in their decision-making process when planning for permanent school expansions. Planned during the first quarter of 2014, Ramtech’s Green Benefits guide will help educate schools on the efficiencies of using sustainable construction techniques that can be realized through the use of permanent modular construction like Ramtech’s highly adaptable Accelerated Building System process. Recognized by the Modular Building Institute, the trade association that represents the commercial modular building industry in promoting permanent modular construction across a wide variety of industries for public, private, and institutional applications, the Green Benefits advantages provide for sustainability through:

  • Less material waste using pre-fabrication in order to make it possible to optimize construction material purchases while minimizing the on-site waste caused by weather related damages.
  • Less site disturbances since the modular structure is constructed simultaneously off-site while the foundation and other site work takes place, thereby reducing the time and impact on the surrounding site environment including reducing the number of vehicles and equipment needed.
  • The off-site construction which helps eliminate the hazards associated with materials, equipment and incomplete construction processes that are typical of construction sites that can attract curious and unwelcome “visitors” (i.e. students on a school expansion project).
  • An adaptability inherent in modular buildings which are frequently designed to quickly add or remove one or more “modules” minimizing the disruptions to adjacent buildings and surroundings.


Ramtech Receives Redwater (TX) ISD Contract for Permanent Modular Construction

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Last week Ramtech received word that the Redwater (TX) school board has approved a design-build agreement with us to proceed with providing preconstruction services for a 18,348 square foot middle school building to be completed next August prior to the 2014-2015 school year. The proposed $2.6 million project will require demolishing the School District’s existing seven classroom middle school facility and replacing it with a permanent modular building using our Accelerated Building System (ABS) which will accommodate 15 classrooms, a science lab, office area, and data room. The project also includes full site development including the extension and connection of utilities, rerouting an existing bus lane, building up the existing site elevation, and providing for additional sidewalks, canopies, and fencing. The modular school building will be able to accommodate 350 – 400 students and will include full lockers in the interior hallway, a full brick exterior designed to complement the surrounding structures, and textured and painted walls in the interior. (more…)

Looking at the Future of School Construction: Ramtech’s ABS Building System

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The Accelerated Building SystemWhile the enrollment in public schools throughout the southwest has been growing, the funding for new school construction has not.  Many small and mid-sized rural school districts often have over crowded classrooms but because of the difficulties in passing school bond elections and several years of flat property tax revenues, they do not have the funds necessary to build new schools. However Ramtech has an answer for many districts that find themselves in this situation, and it starts with our Accelerated Building System, a permanent modular construction process that provides quality facilities with up to a 25% cost savings and a substantially shorter construction timeline. (more…)

Ramtech’s Contribution to the Evolution of Commercial Modular Construction

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When looking back at the history of commercial modular construction, an evolutionary change began to occur in the early ’80s when the industry was primarily controlled by several large modular leasing companies such as GE Modular Space, and several wholesale modular manufacturers, the largest being Cliff Industries. At that time the only successful multi-plant, direct sale manufacturer was a company called PBS.  But things began to change in 1982, when a steady transformation of the modular industry started to take place led by the establishment of a small modular dealership known as Ramtech Modular Design. Within two years Ramtech had expanded its operations by opening and developing its own modular manufacturing plant in the growing city of Mansfield, Texas.   At that time Ramtech’s mission was simple – stay profitable and remain financially strong, treat its employees well, and provide its customers with the best value engineered modular buildings available. This focus on the fundamentals not only helped Ramtech to prosper, but also supported the development of the modular industry and contributed to the growth of the city of Mansfield. (more…)