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Ramtech Finishes Design Work on Lifestyle Management’s Dallas Residential Reintegration Facility

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Lifestyle Management Dallas Transitional CenterRamtech has announced that Lifestyle Management Inc. of Edmond, Oklahoma has approved our design-build agreement to proceed to the first phase of a pre-construction design contract for a new 31,752 square foot residential reintegration facility capable of accommodating 296 clients.  Ramtech has completed both the civil and geo-tech design work and is now approximately 80% complete with the building design. Known as the Dallas Transitional Center, the modular building project will be located on unincorporated land owned by Dallas County approximately 12 miles south of downtown Dallas and will replace Lifestyle’s current 225-bed halfway house with a new facility designed, manufactured and constructed using Ramtech’s Accelerated Building System permanent modular construction method. (more…)

Hidalgo County (TX) Courts Now in Session Using Modular Buildings From Ramtech

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Hidalgo County has occupied and is now using the three modular buildings that were purchased to be used as interim facilities during the County’s renovation of their existing courtroom structures which is expected to take 18-24 months. Built by Ramtech and purchased through the Texas Buyboard network purchasing cooperative, two of the buildings are providing courtroom and administrative support space for criminal, civil, and family and child protective services cases, while the third structure is being used for administrative space for the District Clerk’s office. (more…)

Ramtech’s Contribution to the Evolution of Commercial Modular Construction

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When looking back at the history of commercial modular construction, an evolutionary change began to occur in the early ’80s when the industry was primarily controlled by several large modular leasing companies such as GE Modular Space, and several wholesale modular manufacturers, the largest being Cliff Industries. At that time the only successful multi-plant, direct sale manufacturer was a company called PBS.  But things began to change in 1982, when a steady transformation of the modular industry started to take place led by the establishment of a small modular dealership known as Ramtech Modular Design. Within two years Ramtech had expanded its operations by opening and developing its own modular manufacturing plant in the growing city of Mansfield, Texas.   At that time Ramtech’s mission was simple – stay profitable and remain financially strong, treat its employees well, and provide its customers with the best value engineered modular buildings available. This focus on the fundamentals not only helped Ramtech to prosper, but also supported the development of the modular industry and contributed to the growth of the city of Mansfield. (more…)

Commercial Modular Construction Aids Texas Municipalities

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san_antonio_public_works_assembly_area_2013-05-02-50D-IMG_3114Texas is ranked second in population growth in the United States which is putting significant stress on many municipalities.  While large cities like Houston, San Antonio, and the Dallas-Fort Worth area have grown significantly, many of the smaller cities and counties have also shown considerable growth.  In both of these urban and rural areas Ramtech has been a significant contributor for over 30 years in helping to facilitate their growth by providing both relocatable and permanent modular buildings. (more…)

A Regional Strategy to Permanent Modular Construction

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While permanent modular construction (PMC) has become a leading building system used in the development of commercial and institutional facilities, there isn’t a single approach, or one modular company, that has come to dominate the commercial modular industry.  Just as modular construction in the United Kingdom is practiced differently than it is in India, permanent modular construction in the United States also varies widely from one region of the country to another – and from one market or product line to another.   (more…)

Ramtech Finishes Manufacturing and Installation of Modular Buildings for New 4-Story Barracks at Fort Sam Houston

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This weekend Ramtech completed the manufacturing and installation of the modular buildings for the fifth and final phase of the MILCON Unaccompanied Enlisted Personnel Housing (UEPH) Advanced Individual Training (AIT) Barracks that will be used by the U.S. Army at Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio,Texas. The project is part of a multiple task order under an Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contract that was previously awarded to the Southwest Division of Hensel Phelps Construction Co. in Austin, Texas.  Ramtech was designated as a strategic subcontractor responsible for the manufacture and installation of 152 individual modular sections that are being assembled to create the four-story 272 room barracks that will total 116,480 square feet.  (more…)

Hidalgo County Chooses Ramtech Modular Buildings During Courthouse Renovations

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When Hidalgo County decided they needed to renovate their existing courthouse building, their primary concern was where could they find adequate interim space for their day to day operations.  Located in the downtown section of Edinburg, Texas,  the renovation was expected to take 18-24 months. In addition to the space required for five courtrooms, offices for the judges the court staff and reporters, they also needed space for jury rooms, private attorney conferences, and foyers for public entrances.  Since the sally port and holding cell facilities for the prisoners brought to court were also at this location, a perimeter security system would have been extremely expensive and time consuming to replicate at another site.  So to minimize the expense and potential for costly delays, Hidalgo County made the decision to install over 14,000 square feet of modular buildings in a parking lot adjacent to the existing courthouse.  (more…)

Free to Choose: Three Distinct Categories of Modular Construction

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Relocatable Modular Building on Temporary Foundation

For over 30 years, Ramtech has utilized modular construction to provide affordable, high quality facilities ranging in size from 1,000 to 150,000 square feet for education, healthcare, government, and commercial users throughout the southwest.  Our modular buildings fall into three distinct categories with price points designed to accommodate a variety of needs.

The first category includes modular buildings designed to meet long term needs while still having the ability to be relocated should the circumstances require it. (more…)

Permanent Modular Buildings: A Means to Sustainable Construction

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“Sustainable”, “Green”, and “LEED certified” are terms often used in the construction industry to reference buildings that are designed and constructed in an environmentally responsible way. This means building in greater energy efficiencies, using fewer natural resources during construction, and creating a healthier workplace while reducing pollution and waste. The primary challenge in achieving sustainable construction lies in its cost.  During tough economic times it can be difficult for an owner to invest in the resources necessary to meet LEED or voluntary IgCC requirements. However, a recent article in the Guardian references how America’s commercial, institutional, and governmental agencies could learn a great deal from the success Europe and China are having by using a familiar, cost effective means to achieve sustainability: permanent modular construction. (more…)

Ramtech to Build a Four Story Modular Barracks Building

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Over the last ten years, Ramtech Building System has worked as a major subcontractor to Hensel Phelps Construction Company on numerous federal projects.   Recently, Hensel Phelps selected Ramtech to build a permanent modular barracks facility at Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio, TX.   Ramtech was chosen not only because its pricing was competitive, but it was clearly the most experienced modular construction contractor.    “We have designed, manufactured, and constructed sophisticated permanent modular buildings for the federal government since 1982, and our technical team that includes engineering, production, construction, safety, and quality control managers and employees are superior to any other modular company in the Southwest.”

The Fort Sam Houston project is a four story AIT barrack facility that will be utilized by the US Army.   It is 113,300 square feet and all design, manufacturing, and site construction is expected to be completed within 16 months.  Other modular construction projects completed by Ramtech for Hensel Phelps include:

  • Air Force Academy Colorado Springs: 20,000 sq ft transitional Medical Facility
  • Ft Hood Texas: 120,000 sq ft of Army Barracks for 4th Infantry Division
  • Ft Bliss Texas: 400,000 sq ft of Company Operations Facilities, US Army
  • Ft Polk Louisiana: 68,000 sq ft Army Operation Facilities, Foreign Security Transition Forces
  • Dallas, Texas, Love Field: 15,000 sq ft joint Administration offices Southwest Airlines & Dallas Aviation

These permanent modular building projects total 740,000 square feet and each and every project has been successfully completed on-time, on budget and accepted by the owner.


Gary White is Vice President of Sales & Estimating at Ramtech Building Systems, Inc.  He has been in the commercial modular industry for 33 years and is responsible for the management of all sales and estimating efforts across each of Ramtech’s key market segments: Education, Government, Medical, and Commercial.